2004: EUMENIDES”, libretto by AESCHYLUS


2001: “Eumenides”, for soloist, choir and large orchestra.
2000: “Greek suite”, I, II.
1999: “A Psalmodie bono”, for string orchestra. (Performed by the orchestra of new music AMRA, Tirane.)
1996: “Trias” for Flute and chamber orchestra.
1996: “Genotype” for large orchestra.
1991: “Run, run Marathonomacus”.
1990: “Concert for orchestra”.
1989: “Contrast”.
1987: “Symphonic poem”.
1986: “Suite”.

Chamber Music:

2000: “Dikotomi” for wind quintet.
1999: “Hoax” for solo V.cello.
1997: “Ep-event”, string trio.
1997: “Shatra-Patra” for 3 percussion.
1995: “W” in memoriam for Cl, Violin, V.cello, Piano and Drum I,II,III.
1995: “DdA”, string quartet. (Performed by the quartet of the Academy of Arts, Tirana.)
1994: “Avaz II” for 3 Viola, 5 violins, 2 Fl, Cl, Drum I,II. (Performed by the contemporary orchestra of Sofia, Bulgaria.)
1994: “Avaz” for Bsn quartet.
1993: “Pheromones” for Fl, Cl, V.cello and Piano.
1993: “Epitaphs and Primeval Scream” for string quartet, Fl, Cl, Bsn and Piano. (Performed by the contemporary ensemble of the Academy of Arts, Tirana.)
1992: “Metamorphosis” for 24 string players.
1991: “Five sketch” for string quartet.
1988: “Rondo” for strings.


2010: "AGOJ”, piano album for children
1997: “R.I.P” ("Rest in Peace”)
1994: “88”.
1993: “Age of Cage”.
1992: “Symbolical portrait”.
1988: “Rondo”.

Violin and Piano:

1990: “Suite”.
1988: “Sonata”.

Clarinet and Piano:

1990: “Skerco”

Voice Solo:

1995: “Gjama” for 16 female voice.

Voice and Piano:

2000: “Eternity”, for bariton and piano.
2000: “Η’u mbush mali”, for female choir and piano.
1999: “Erλ e borzilokut” for sop, v.ni, v.c, and piano.
1998: “Kλngλzλ” for sopran and piano.
1996: “Sarajevalium” for baritone and piano.
1994: “Byzantine” for bas and piano.
1989: “Kosova” for bas and piano.
1987: “Jutbina songs” for bariton, tenor and piano.

The composition works in C.D.


“Eumenides”, opera in CD.

1998:   In C.D

“Sazet…”, the works “Epitaphus and Primeval scream” for ensemble no. 22. Published by TEKNOTRADE. Tirana 1998.

1997:   In C.D

“Memus disco 2”, “Trias” for flute and orchestra, no.4, CD/2. Published by Regione Siciliana, Itali.

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