With Prof. Dr. Rexhep Mejdani

With Jorgo Leotcakos

With Dhora Leka and Feim Ibrahimi

With Prof. Ramadan Sokoli and Dr. Rexhep Munishi

With Dr. Cezare Manxoni

With Cesk Zadeja

With the ethnomusicologist Simha Harom and the composer A. Peci

First prize in the competition Dimitri Mitropoulos, Athens 2001

With Mr. Venizellos

With Mr. Venizellos and Mrs. Arta Dade

With Mr. Stamatis MAVROS, president of Hellenic Cultural Organisation, GREECE

With Dhora Leka, Albert Paparisto, Zhani Ciko, and Mustafa Krantja

With Dhora Leka and Albert Paparisto

With Henk Heuvelmans, secretary general of ECPNM, European  Conference of Promoters of New Music

With Jannis Xenakis and others

Me Dr. Horst Godicke

With Dr. Horst Godicke

With the archaeologist Pier Cabane

During Eumenides rehearsal, ERT, Athens 2005

With the conductor Alpaslan Ertyngealp and Prof. Kurupos during Eumenides rehearsal, ERT, Athens 2005

With Mr. Stamatis Mavros, President of Cultural Hellenic Organisation, Athens 2005

With Mr. Petros Tatoulis, Minister of Culture of Greece, Athens 2005

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