Country: ALBANIA
Permanent Address: Albanian Music Council c/o The Albanian Music Information Agency
Rr "Hodo BEG", Pallati 12 kate
Ap. IV-D
Tirana, Albania
Telephone Number: +355 4 374127
Mobile: +355 38 21 55551
Fax Number: +355 42 28263
Year of Foundation: 1991
President: Prof.Dr. Vasil S. TOLE
Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Fatmir Hysi (appointed)
(appointed or elected?)

Number of Member Assoc: The Albanian Music Council has 20 members in the field of music institutions and association in music. Members of Albanian Music Council are:
  • The Theatre of Opera and Balley
  • The symphonic orchestra of Albanian Radio-Television.
  • The Ministry of Education, the section of music school.
  • The Center of Art Studies, near the Academy of Sciences of Albania
  • The Institute of Folk Culture, near the Academy of Sciences of Albania
  • The Music Faculty at Academy of Arts.
  • The Cultural center of Tirana.
  • The State Folk  Ensemble.
  • The Albanian section of CIOFF.
  • The Albanian section of Rilm Abstract Literature of Music-New York.
  • The Albanian section of E.P.T.A.
  • The music artistic school “Jordan Misja”-Tiranë.
  • The music artistic school “Tefta Tashko Koço”-Korçë.
  • The music section near the associatation of writers and artists of Albania.
  • The association of “New Albanian Music”, member of ECPNM.
  • Artistic Agency “Art Vizual T2”.
  • The National Center of folk and artistic concerts.
  • The Albanian association of rights in music- “Albautor”.
  • The section of music book near tha association of Albanian Library.
Other members: Current board membership: Prof. Dr. Vasil S.Tole-President, Prof. Dr. Fatmir Hysi-Secretar, Albert Paparisto-member, Prof. Kozma Lara-member, Prof. Rifat Teqja-member, Aleksandër Peçi-member, Kujtim Laro-member, Prof. As.Nora Çashku-member, Arian Avrazi-member, Lejla Agolli-member. Prof. Çesk Zadeja (1927-1997)-honorary member, Feim Ibrahimi,the first president of Albanian Music Council(1936-1997)-honorary member, Dhora Leka-honorary member & 125 other personal members
Objectives: As a head and central organization for all the fields of music life in Albania, the main aim is to convince the public opinion and to influence processes of political decisions in order to create for music a point -position appropriate to it’s social importance, and to support to the future development of music. The Albanian Music Council is not financed or directly supported by the Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
Publications: -Through AMIA (Albanian Music Information Agency), permanent information to national and international music organisation about music life in Albania ect.

The Albanian Music Council and the member has done the following activities.-The most important international contemporary music festival “The days of New Music”, -New recordings of Albanian traditional and contemporary music in cassette and video tape in colloboration with Albanian Radio Television. The book “Music in Albania-1998, “Music and Literature”, “Sazet of Southern part of Albania+CD”. -Edition of News Letter -“Albanian Resonance, published by Albanian Music Council.
-Different competition in the field of instruments and composition and theoritical seminar about music.-International Music day Celebrations 1st, 1998, 1999, 2000,2001. Concerts and workshops about music.
-More than 50 concerts with music organized by the members of AMC.
The Albanian Music Council is a member of IMC/UNESCO.

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