Dimitris Mitropoulos International Competition
Opera of the Earth

30 September, 1 October

Vasil Tole Eumenides
(opera in concertante form)
(With Greek supertitles)

World premiere 

Opera of the Earth was an initiative launched by the Greek Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Orchestra of Colours and the Cultural Olympiad. Its aim was the commission and production of an original work of musical theatre within the context of the Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004.

The Dimitris Mitropoulos International Competition took on the task of carrying out the project through a series of competitions in composition, conducting and singing. Vasil Tole’s opera Eumenides won the first prize for composition in 2001 in the international competition Opera of the Earth, which attracted participants from around the world.

Hiroyuki Narita,
Wei Long Tao,
Katerina Hebelkova,
Anna Toneeva,
Michiko Hayashi,
Anna Pangalou
Tatiana Roubinskaja
Voula Amiradaki,
Monica Guillen Cha΄vez

Orchestra of Colours
Conductor: Alpaslan Ertuengealp, orchestra conductor’s award 2002

A Cultural Olympiad production